Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Layout and a blogging goal

While I was in Seattle visiting my mother this summer I spent one of the weekends with My bff Sarah and her new baby. Course by the time I actually got to see him he really wasn't so new but that didn't make him ANY less FREAKING adorable!!! SOOOO cute this little guy is! I took these photos while she was reading to him and I was amazed that the kid looked at the pictures in the book the entire time. Did not loose interest, did not fuss, just listened and processed!

Once upon a time

For the month of September I have a goal to post something EACH day on this old blog. I used to LOVE to blog but never seem to have something interesting to say or report lately, so you may end up getting useless boring posts but dang it at least it will be a post!!! One down and 29 to go!! 

So who's going to join me!!!????


  1. I am most impressed oh mighty one.
    (hee hee) LOVE YA!

  2. Me! I love setting goals and even if I don't quite make least I do most of it and that's better than nothing...right? Love the layout. You are just so you!