Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Some Layouts!!!

With my printer scanner copier at home on the fritz (yep have to get a new one) I brought some into work to scan! I am now 30 away from my 50 page goal!! Here are some of my favs!!! Bug_and_crhis

Chris and bug during a camping trip. The look on Chris' face tells how much he loves mom taking his photos!

Holiday_joy_1 Friend Sarah with Taylor right after Christmas. The boys have a very special place for Aunt Sarah!!

Hot_cocoa Cute one of the boys with some of my favorite letter stickers LAST christmas!! LOLSilly

Silly one of chris!!

What_i_love_about_you LOVE the way the colors look in real life! Not so much on the scan!! That middle green is NOT nearly so yellow!!

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  1. How do you do all that you do? You are a bundle of energy, busy creating wonderful things day after day. I LOVE your flowers and pumpkins, WOW! And a baby book for Chloe, too. I really appreciate that. You inspire me, truly you do.