Friday, October 28, 2005

Got pumpkin?

LOL we do!! Me and the boys went over to grandparents house last night and carved up some SCARY pumpkins. Mostly scary on the carpet and even one of the seeds that landed on my glasses. They did very well though and did most of the work themselves!! I cut the faces they drew and voila!! Scary pumpkins!!! Pumpin_carving_061_3 We only got to light them just for awhile and then locked them in the garage because of the lovely children in the neighborhood already on a pumpkin smashing rampage.

Reading a new book. Not really what I expected from Dean Koonts. /Life Expectancy is the name. I am really enjoying though. Its about a boy who is born on a special night (the night his grandfather dies). Lots of predictions and clowns in this book. If you are a Dean Koonts fan I would read it!

Not much else to report! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your families company to the fullest!!

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