Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Right around the corner

The Christmas season is right around the corner! I am almost done shopping! A few more projects to make this next weekend and then I am done! I even finished my Christmas cards!

One of our holiday traditions is to get ONE new ornament for Thanksgiving. Thats when the season begins for us. I get each my kids a ornament for the tree we put up the weekend after turkey day. My kids love it. This year Taylor's ornament is Elvis gyrating his hips. Yeah i know....but he will LOVE it! I haven't found Chris's yet but hope to do that today while I am out.

Another tradition is Christmas movies. I try to add one to our collection every year. I think this year will be Rudolph. We love that one.

We also have recipe traditions. We love to make hot cider in the Crockpot, make cookies, and sticky buns for Christmas morning.

What traditions does your family have during the holidays?

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  1. Well, as you know we have lots of traditions. Please send me the crock pot cider recipe will you? I'm holding the ladies Christmas thing at my house this year, and I volunteered to make hot cider. Love everything you do. Our tradition is contributing to some worthy cause, giving gifts to others (secretly), Christmas Eve...the dime game, the nativity scene (including birds, bees, and some rather unique animals usually) dipping chocolates (now Sally & I are doing it) making cookies together, etc.