Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sometimes the love shines on through

Yesterday my oldest had a really hard time with a mean kid. The kid has never been mean to him01 before and while they are not 'friends' it still hurt Chris a lot. Enough that when he came home from school he burst into tears. He did tell me all about it and it seemed to help to get it off his chest. My advise to him was to ignore the kid. Act like he isn't around. I told him that the more hurt he shows the more the kid will bug him.

Chris is so sensitive that its not easy for him to let things just roll off his back. I worry that his skin isn't thick enough for the bully's in the world. Let's face it. Everyone gets picked on. I sure had my share of it. I just learned that what they said didn't matter and they were all just a bunch of pooty heads anyway. I don't think Chris can do that yet.

Taylor asked me at bedtime last night what was bothering Chris and I just told him that there was a mean boy in band class who was giving him a hard time. Taylor became infuriated and started telling me what Chris should have done. I had to remind bug that Chris was different and more careful with people's feelings and that its really hard for him to stand up for himself.

After tuck in time for both boys Taylor snuck into Chris's room and got up on the top bunk with him and gave him a huge hug. I started to go into the room to tell him to get back to bed but Taylor was telling Chris how to handle this guy. Telling him to tell the kid to shut up and mind his own business. To stand up for himself and not let this guy make him cry. Then he told them if that doesn't work "you tell him his brother will beat him up". He would too. At that moment I knew it. I knew that even if they fight like cats and dogs over the stupidest things they still love each other fiercely and completely. Chris gave Bug a hug told him he would appreciate that, and then moment was over. They went to bed happy and together. I couldn't bring myself to make Bug go back to bed. I guess what Chris needed was his little brother for this situation. Hopefully the kids won't make fun of him today, cuz I would hate for Bug to get suspended for beating up a sixth grader. I know Taylor would follow through because back in day care there was a mean mean kid (i mean really mean) who picked on Taylor from the time they were old enough to crawl! They would be laying on a blanket all happy and cooing and G (I will call him that for his protection) would roll over and bite Taylor on the arm or leg! As they got older he continued to pick on him, take his chicken nuggets at lunch, push him, tease him. I even think at one point the kid locked him in the bathroom. One day I got a call from the daycare, when Taylor and G were about 5, warning me that I may get a call from G's mother. Apparently Taylor had just had enough and stood up on the picnic table and yelled at the top of his lungs, "G I am going to kick your ASS!!!" And then he did.

G is in Taylors 3rd grade class, and was in his second. G dose NOT pick on Taylor and they play at recess all the time.


  1. Bug is right. Enough is enough. Bullies are often cowards and push until you stop them. Do you remember how Uncle Matt fixed his bully in kindergarten?

  2. WOW...I love it. I think enough is enough too. When I get pushed beyond what I'm willing to take, I come out kicking & fighting & screaming. I hate it when that happens, usually only happens once. Both types of kids are good for each other. This made me a good way.