Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Most mornings in our house are calm. The boys wake up, the boys eat breakfast, make their beds, brush their teeth and do their hair. Then they are free to do whatever they want till its time to leave. This morning did not go that way.

I am doing this in list form:

boys screamed and cried when waking up this morning because it was cold.

Boys whined and yelled because they were told to wear long sleeve shirts.

boys pushed each other while getting their close on so they would topple down and giggle, with their jeans down around the ankle.

The boys complained that they had to have cereal this morning instead of pancakes.

The boys complained that i had to ask them twice to put their cereal mess away. By mess I MEAN mess....

Then while trying to brush their teeth Chris locked bug out of the bathroom and bug proceeded to try to knock the bathroom door down.

Chris very thoughtfully opened the door for a split second to throw bugs toothbrush on the floor and slammed the door shut on bugs fingers. BAD


Chris had to comfort his brother while mom took several deep breaths while holding his finger under cold water, and checking for actual breaks it was so bad.

Chris had to apologize to bug. through tears.

Mom had to ground both boys from each other, game boys, TV, and computer. They can not talk, eat, play, or fight together.

We managed to actually get to school on time, with all our teeth brushed and all our fingers still connected.

ahhhhh the joys of freaking mother hood.


  1. In retrospect this is funny to me, you bring those days back to me. Some days are so calm, but when they are chaos, they are CHAOS.
    So glad Bugs fingers are okay.

  2. Has anyone told you lately that they love you?? No, well I love ya!! :) And just to let you know I am not laughing at you, but just at the fact that I know exactly what those mornings are like. I missed you guys terribly and wish I could have been there at the "retreat". Can't wait to get together again soon!

  3. OMG...what a morning obvouisly. I remember when Stephanie locked Jason out of a bedroom, and he kicked a hole right through the door trying to get in...I think I made him save his money and actually pay for the door...or at least part of it...but then I've been told I'm a really MEAN mother by more than one kid. Gotta love them!