Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Growing up, my mother was pretty strict. Not to the point of suffocation or anything but hanging out was not acceptable, going somewhere with unknown kids was not acceptable, dating weirdos or unknowns was out and going to concerts, or places where it was dark and unsupervised (arcades) was a no no. Even CHRISTIAN rock where I am pretty sure doobies were NOT passed around. The most rock I was aloud to listen to in the house was Bon Jovi or Europe. Even after I graduated I had to leave my harder rock stuff in my truck so my little brother didn't hear it. Harder rock for me was Areosmith. Bad lyrics in quite a few songs so I understood no prob.

Now that the hard rock of my days is tame and considered CLASSIC rock (sheesh), I am living out my teenage concert years in my 30's. Oh and mom my areosmith cd's are tame compared to what Matt listens to now, so I don't think it would have even mattered if I had played "Love in an elevator" directly into his head phones while he slept. It wasn't I who corrupted the kid who has "more porn" on his cell phone ringer ( and no my brother isn't really THAT bad) Just thinks its cool to shock people in the line in front of him at grocery stores.

As a result of this teenage rebellion (in my 30's) I hit the road Sunday for Jackpot Nevada, sin city in the middle of no where, to see a Foreigner concert!!! It totally ROCKED! I really enjoyed myself and even gambled 20 dollars worth. Came home a little tired and sick from cigarette smoke, but happy non the less. There was more beer at this concert than I have EVER seen. No wonder my mother never let me go!!! Mom I was safe, didn't sit next to any guys with tattoos or piercing, I didn't get picked up by the drummer, and I didn't even drink. See how much you COULD have trusted me...giggle...what a rebel I am....

And just so my mom KNOWS who I went to see here is a sample!!


  1. My parents went to that concert and said it was good. They said it was a long concert and even the opening act was good. I hope you enjoyed you little rebel! :) And the next time you are that close to my house you better be calling me or stopping by!

  2. Just beer? Boy this must have been for old folks. LOL
    Didn't expect you to be a nun, just old enough to understand the consequences of your choices. You have made great choices and I'm so proud of you.