Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec 9

LaRee and Darla got our Office Christmas tree up. Its about to fall apart. Last year my father and I had to duct tape the base together just to keep it upright. We use colorful decorations on our work tree well....because I want to!

Dec 8

IMG_1037 (2)

Bitter cold today. Its getting to the point this week that I am using more gas keeping my car warm than for actual driving. I have been taking the kids to school because in my opinion its too cold to stand and the bus stop for too long. winter over yet?

Dec 7

Today was an ordinary monday. Work, home, and helping bug with homework. He seemed to have more than normal this nigh so we spent most of the evening at the kitchen table.

dec 6

Worked all day on a christmas gift! Can not share any more on the blog!

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  1.'s been super cold here too. -4 this morning, which means it's probably -20 up there. Doris emailed and said it was -22 in Soda yesterday morning and got clear up to 0 at noon in the sun! I think you are smart driving the kids to school, it's just way too cold.