Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ahhh so here it is...??

Today is the day I am old. Past 30 below 40 but on my way up the ladder. Today is my birthday. I don't really feel that old, but other people are starting to feel much younger to me. Torrie spelling, Jessica Simpson, and what about Miley Cyrus. She's a baby!! And tell me when did the people staring in sitcoms become such kids? Dang....

I had a weird dream last night. Me being the huge contest enterer (is that a word?) won a fabulous week with Mick Jagger. Yeah can you believe it, ME? The fabulous week included him living in my home with my family and helping me do yard work. We became fast chums, and even watch girlie movies (no NOT porn) while propped up on my bed. Only thing missing was nail polish and prank phone calls. Of course my mother finally realized that MICK FREAKING JAGGER was in my home so it was all I could do to save him. She kept acting like a giddy school girl. Really mother show some restraint why don't you. He even gave a concert in my back yard and I was in charge of making sure he had lemon in his water during songs. Ahh the life of a star....All in all he seemed to be a pretty normal all around nice type of guy. Younger too. In my mind he was about 35 ish...hmmmm....

In commemoration (or just because I want to) of my being really old, I have added a new play list to reflect the music of the the year of my birth. These songs were ALL popular and playing the year my mother looked at me for the first time! (hi mom). She sent me the nicest email this morning about my first day here on earth. made me cry. OK back to the music. As I listened to these songs, some made me gag, some made me smile, some I was actually surprised they were from 1976. Some were just realllllllyyyyy dumb. I mean come on....Disco Duck? What the heck? Some songs were just as raunchy as the songs that are on the radio today. Ew....some songs were CLASSICS....some I just liked.... So enjoy.

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  1. What the FREAK Robin???? I TOTALLY thought it was TOMORROW! I have on my to do list to stop by the office and bring you a birthday treat - but I should have had it down for TODAY! I am so sorry! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! And if you want, we can just PRETEND that you were born tomorrow and then I wont feel bad - since it IS all about me!!!! I LOVE YOU!