Tuesday, July 1, 2008


this here post is a rant. not to you the readers of blog world, but to life in general...

holy crap...

my son comes home sick as a dog from his fathers. Get him home get him a bath, because he's filthy. Get him calmed down and we figure out tummy troubles can be fixed by a visit to the bathroom. Seems OK just VERY tired after that. We go to see Wall E for my bday with my kids. Taylor falls asleep at 7 that night! (VERY odd for him)

Sunday its hotter than all blazes. I have cleaning planned and air conditioning installing planned. Head to Dad's with boys to make a little 'stand' for the air conditioner with left over wood. If I do say so myself I did a good job. The entire time Taylor is inside half a sleep with a head ache and just general blahs. By the time we are done he has had it. I get him home and put him to bed with some motrin and he is OUT....

Me and Chris in the mean time try to lift a hundred pound air conditioner into the family room window onto our LOVELY (yes I rock) stand. Now I have lifted this in my old house and never had to lift it more than like 3 feet off the ground. It was tough, but do-able then. This year however the air conditioner could be installed from the outside. Only problem is i had to lift it up past my waist. OK girls we soo do not do well with upper body strength. It was so hard I almost dropped it. Chris helped the best he could and we FINALLY got it up there and then my little extenders were to short for the window!! For now I have card board covering the rest. I am getting some acrylic this afternoon, but for now that has to work. So i have the air conditioner in. Its barely working on any freon. Its helped a bit but it needs to be re-charged. My neighbor said I didn't necessarily need to have an air conditioning guy to come charge it up. He said depending on the freon it uses I might be able to just go to the auto part store and get something to put in some tube. What?! How am I supposed to know WHAT kind of freon it uses, much less how to OPEN the darn thing to find out and then what? Is there a reservoir like in my car for windshield wiper fluid? I don't think it will be that easy.

After I did all that it was already 4 and I was so sore and tired from the heat and my back was KILLING Me. I took a cool bath and made my inside to do list ( all my general weekend cleaning) and then just looked at it. I did a couple loads of laundry and put them away but thats it. I was useless the rest of the day.

Back to Taylor. He woke up still feeling like crap and sooo tired and emotional. Crying and whining... not hungry...I thought maybe my ex had traded Taylor's brain for his 16 year old step daughter's brains with all the mood swings he was having. As I was cuddling the sobbing boy I smelled his breath. I don't know if you all know this but my kids breath smells medicinal when they have sore throats. I know, weird, but I can always tell if they have sore throats. I thought he may have an ear infection because he had been complaining that his ears were farting. Yes....farting. I don't think that the medical dictionary my mother has in her home office would give me the technical terms to describe farting ears. So yesterday morning I took him to the doc. They got him in early, and the doc did some checking and said "it looks like just a summer cold he will have to get over, but lets run a strep test anyway". Better safe than sorry. After CHOKING my son to the point of vomiting they proceeded to tell me the results came back positive! I am going to be a grandmother!! OK that's not even funny...sorry. He has strep. Poor kid has felt like CRAP (yes mom I said CRAP) for a reason. Got him antibiotics and stayed home with him. He is doing so much better that he even tried to bargain his way out of a simple chore. Yeah he's back.

Chris lost his glasses. His BRAND new glasses. It not really that easily explained. It's not entirely his fault, but it sure is a lesson learned. We are going to replace them but he has to pick out a brand new frame because the Dr has switched labs since he got his other ones....a month ago. I really hope he has learned his lesson.....

I am wiped now. I feel better. Somehow less stressed...back to work!


  1. OMG...the poor kid. Danelle's family has all had strepp too...lucky me...the only one in the family that hasn't been sick!

  2. Oh wow, I hope he is feeling better! Im glad you got an AC in.. Its been hot here too!!

  3. THANK YOU for explaining the medicinal smell on your kid's breath, I CAN TO and everyone thinks I am CrAzy. I have 6 kids and 8 grandkids and I can smell it whenever one of them is sick.