Friday, March 28, 2008

remember this???

Remember this post????

Well no one followed through.....poor kids will never know how much they are loved....


  1. Oh lay on that guilt thick girlie! I completely forgot about it! (seriously, I am forgetful of my own kids most days!) LOL Do you still want the letters bc I can sit down TODAY and do them for you .... I would you know!!
    HUGS and no, your kids are NOT unloved in the least!!!!!!!
    XOXO kissies!

  2. "Baby It's Cold Outside" has Leon Redbone singing the male part.

  3. What a terrible grandmother! I can't believe I haven't gotten this taken care of...even though I thought of it awhile back and ...couldn't remember if I had done it or not. I will bring it with me on the would that be?