Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movie Review...

Since I can not think of anything else to write today I thought I would review some recent movies I have seen. some are older movies that you may have seen some are newer.

Seeker Chris got this movie for Easter and we both really enjoyed it. A classic tale of good verses evil where good wins. Set in England but with an American family this movie will thrill those younger audiences still to young for Lord of the Rings and just below Harry Potter.


Hated this movie. Didn't flow....didn't like the supporting characters, or plot.

Stardust I watched this before I would let Chris watch. It has a bit of "adult" jokes but really not too bad. Chris really enjoyed it and is now asking for it for his bday.

Nanny_2 The nanny diaries.

Cute but not a fufiling plot really. Great for a rental but do not purchase

Horton_2 Horton Hears a Who. SO CUTE!! TAKE YOUR KIDS NOW!

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