Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I spend way too much time reading other peoples blogs. If I have a spare minute at work i am either reading one of my MANY saved blogs or on the KNK message board. Its not that I have a ton of time at work to do that anymore, but when I should be updated MY blog I tend to gravitate to perusing someone else's. I love reading so many different takes on life. Its also a plus if they are scrap bookers, and post inspirational layouts and projects. Some of my new favorites to peruse are these:





So peruse away.

The new April kit is up at knk! i am totally in love with this kit and took no time in jumping right into my projects. I even have some planned for tonight...if I can get to it. I can't show any right now because I have to wait till my projects are up at the site but they will be here soon!!

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  1. Pretty cool sweetie!
    Thanks for something more to do late night!