Saturday, March 22, 2008


yeah....not the kind you wear on your head. Although not many people wear them on their heads much anymore anyway. The cub scout derby car races were a few weeks ago and I am now just barely getting to the pictures. Here are a few.

Img_1530w_3 Img_1511w Img_1501w

The boys had a fantastic time and after the 'big kids' raced the little kids got to do their own race. All it all it was an exciting evening and even though my cub scout didn't win one race, he had a BLAST! He also got THREE pins that night! Way to go my little corn husker!


  1. PINEWOOD DERBY PHOTOS!!! NO WAY! I am in shock!
    OK - I will be PATIENTLY awaiting the arrival of aforementioned photos to my inbox so I can put them on MY blog too!!!
    It was a fun night wasnt it - loud, but fun!
    Thanks for sharing Robin.

  2. I love these derby pics, Robin. Brings back such memories.
    And thanks for Dream A Little Dream. I love this so much.
    You sing it so beautifully too.

  3. I so better be getting some pictures from this. Love the car...did you help them make it?