Friday, September 25, 2009

Interview with a vampire

Me: Edward if Bella were to leave you for Jacob would you consider dating another mortal?

Edward: yes of course!

Me: Would you ever consider dating an older woman, say with kids?

Edward: Kids are yummy

Me: Would you keep me as I am so that I grow older and older, or bite me and keep me old and haggard for the rest of my life. (cuz we all know I am so past 18)

Edward: just how old are you?


  1. This is quite cute, my dear. I saw him at downtown at Gottchalks and he mentioned "another woman." Must be you!!

  2. Your so funny Robyn! I love this! If you liked Twilight, you should read Vampire Academy. It's in the YA sections, but is so not YA. Very, Very Good!!

  3. Edward: " Say it,,, say it outloud !"
    Robin: " Ok ok, Im 33, if you did'nt get bit, you would be a hell of a lot older than Me!