Sunday, August 24, 2008

it all starts again tomorrow.

I am talking of our regularly scheduled daily grind. We love summer. Even though I still work full time through summer it still feels a bit like a vacation. Vacation from routine bedtimes, showers as soon as dinner is over, no staying up late to watch the rest of our favorite sitcom know that they can sleep in the next day. Taylor is having a hard time with the fact that SCHOOL starts tomorrow. He doesn't want it to. He is going to have a hard time going to sleep. I have given them a full weekend and busy day today hoping they would be tired and worn out, guess we will see if that helps. We have a new book to read to help lull us to sleep ( us being Taylor). We have new clothes that have been tried on 6 times today to make sure we get the right first day of school outfit. We have all the school supplies in backpacks ready to go. We even have lunch money checks written and stashed where they can find them tomorrow. Christopher is so excited. Taylor is sooo not. Christopher has even gone as far as to "play out" what his morning routine will be. From the alarm going off to weather he pees before he gets dressed. Taylor says he isn't wearing anything anyway so he might as well just stay in bed. yeah...I am soo excited to get HIM going tomorrow.

Chriss_shoes_web Saturday while school clothes shopping (amazingly fun even with TWO boys) we head to shoe carnival for the new school year shoes. Always exciting to me. Amazingly enough not too much for the boys. Chris got a pair of (choke) 45 dollar shoes. I know. right. When did shoes start getting so expensive? The only reason I agreed is because they WERE on sale and I got Taylor's shoes half off. I checked Chris's shoes out thoroughly making sure that they fit with a bit of room to grow. Walking up to the counter I asked him what size they were. They are 5 and 1/2. No big, if the last shoes we bought him in MAY were not just 4s!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! Does that happen? When did my son suddenly become the green giant?

Last night as the sun started to set and the bugs started to come out, me and MY bug hit the tomatoes toImg_0778web  harvest what we had. Several tomatoes were hidden underneath the plant and VERY ripe. We ate those at dinner tonight. We shared a bunch of our VERY ripe cherry toms with our neighbors. They taste fabulous. It is sooo much better to grow your own food. Next year I am going to do more!!

Hope your weekend was productive and that if your kids are headed off tomorrow that they get a good night sleep and have time to eat before school tomorrow!!



  1. I'm glad that you got it ALL done!!! WHOOPY!! I LOVE your pics!!! The shoes are so cute! GOOD IDEA! JES

  2. I am so jealous of your Tomatoes!! I have a ton on the vine, but NONE that are red, all green.
    My girls are so excited for tomorrow that they can hardly sleep, good lcuk with yours.

  3. OHHHH OHHH OHHH if you have spares (tom a toes, not shoes...) give me a call! :O)
    I personally am giddy for school to start in the morning! FREE AT LAST I am FREE AT LAST!