Wednesday, August 6, 2008

dinner was a sucess!

My kids are so very picky. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really care anymore. They eat what I serve. That's it. PERIOD. Well last night I tried a recipe I got off Amber's blog. It came out sooooo good!! It's her hubby's sweet and sour chicken recipe that I served with rice and artichokes. Ok so my kids did NOT like the artichokes but at least they tried them. The chicken on the other had was a HUGE hit!! HUGE. Taylor loved it and even Chris (who shies away from chicken) even ate it!! This morning I was taking the left overs from the fridge to bring to work for lunch and Taylor was angry! He said he wanted the left overs for dinner!!! He never does that!!! So thank you sooo much Amber!! Head to her blog for the recipe and try it out on your family tonight!!!


  1. This sounds wonderful. Danelle made some like this a few weeks ago when Jeff & I went up and wired Gary's shop for him. Only she ended with putting hers in a dutch oven to cook at the end. It was so yummy...I loved it. Then she topped it off with making homemade cinnamon ice cream. What a great cook she is!

  2. Yeah!!! I am so glad you all loved it. It is truely one of our favorites. Thanks for the shout out!!! So how did you cook your rice and artichokes? That sounds very yummy.