Tuesday, July 29, 2008



I made this "family" Sunday while my boys were catching up on their DVR'd Pokemon shows. It has lots of glitter (sorry you can't see it). The panels are Bare Eements. They came In a box with the whole alphabet. They are 8 x8. I have had them for along time and just decided it was time to DO something with them. Paper is stampin up and some other paper I had that matched, but mostly stampin up. Ribbons are mm.

Below is my stamp project. I started it late Saturday afternoon and finished up Sunday morning. I have 50 CD cases full and about 11 more stamp sets I need to cut apart and put away. I would have done them Sunday but I ran out of CD cases. I LOVE them this way!! The second picture is all of them stacked up labeled and ready to go. I cut card stock to fit the top of the CD cases, where you put the "album art", and stamped them with the stamps that are stored in the case. I put all my misc stamps in categories. Birthday, Christmas, flowers, etc. All my stampin up sets I left in the sets, and labeled them accordingly! I can see myself using them a TON more.

It was a pretty easy job really. You have to micro wave the stamps to melt the glue a bit to peal them apart. Some of the stamps were still too sticky, so I just stuck them to my clothes and pulled them off a couple times before I put them in the CD case. Some of the stamps are not sticky at all and you just use some double stick tape to keep them on the acrylic blocks while you stamp and then when you put them in the case. I noticed that the older my stamps the harder it was. Stampin up stamps were the easiest to pull apart. Hardest stamps were the old Dots stamps (old CTMH). I don't have many of those left but they were a bugger. All in all it wasn't too bad. It did however take forever to get all the glue crap off my hands. Several washings!

While using the stamps I had removed, I did not notice any difference in the stamp quality because all the padding is STILL under the rubber. You pull the entire stamp,and padding off the block. It works great!


Today after work we are headed to a birthday party for cousins. Its at a fun park with minature golf! I hope I remember my camera!

OH Lois ~ I have the pictures almost done and should have them ready to send back to you on Monday. I had to put 2008 photos on it to make up for the missing 2007. Sorry.



  1. opps...I commented on the previous post. I'm a ditz aren't I? Anyway...love the look of it, and can't wait to see if you do use them alot more. I'll bet it's easier to find them and if you put the pic in the cover...wow!

  2. Thanks for your tips on un mounting the rubber stamps. I've been thinking of doing this for some time now! BTW: love your work with this month's KNK kit!

  3. You are an AMAZING person!!!!!

  4. Ummmmmmmm. HOLY CRAP! I was with you when you bought those letters, I bought some too remember? I guess I need to get mine out and use them too. Do you remember what I was going to do with them? Make an ABC book of our family!!! huh? I wonder if that will ever get done.
    Congratulations on your stamps! Good Job!
    I Love You!