Friday, July 25, 2008

mounted or unmounted?

That is the question. I have over the last 11 years collected many many rubber stamps. I am actually very good about purging, donating and loving every last one of them. Ok I won't lie I still have several rubber stamps I have not used. I think part of my problem is my storage. Right now I have them in the original boxes (most of them are stampin up) and stacked in LARGE crates that fit in a closet maid cabinet. They are a bugger to dig through and by the time I find them I run out of creative juices.

I also have a BUNCH of acrylic stamps. I use these stamps a TON more. Not because they are superior to the wood mounted but because I just grab the case and use them. I think I might have more acrylic stamps than I do wood because of their ease. They are stored in a canvas bin in one of my cubbies under my scrap desk.

My dilemma. I have spent a lot of money on wood mounted stamps. I want to use them, I NEED to use them. How can I make that happen? I think quite possibly I am finally going to take the plunge and take my rubber stamps OFF the blocks and store them in CD cases. I have wanted to/ thought of doing this for years. With the downsizing of scrap area ( OK my desk is the same size but my storage is not) I think its time. I need more room to organize paper. So I am going to try it tonight. Just take the plunge! Of course it will be with an old set I wont worry much about.

Anyone with me on this?? Are you following? I am RIPPING my stamps apart...hmmmm.


  1. WOOO HOOO!!!! Living on the edge!!! You make me laugh! But how do you use them after you pull them off the wood? They ares still sticky arent they? Souns like a good idea to me.... if you have a plan on what to do with them after. I am all acrylic.... Good LUCK!!!! Let me know how it turns out. JES

  2. OMG...I'm dumbfounded. I absolutely know what you are talking about though. I just never have the success with the acyrlic that I do with wood mounted, so I keep the wood...You know...two huge cabinets full. I'll have to check with you and see how it turns out. One thing I've tried is stamping every stamp on a piece of paper and putting them in a binder (or in my case, each drawer) so you can see what you have without digging to far. I'm still guilty of not using them near enough to support the expense.

  3. Well you all ready know my answer. I dont care if they are mounted or not, I just have to be able to SEE them where ever they are stored. Good Luck darling.

  4. This looks awesome. And takes up alot less space. Let me know if you use them more, because I'm looking to do SOMETHING with my mess!