Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am alive...really I am....

LOL... got a call from someone who cares today! (thank you) She was worried because I hadn't updated or emailed much at all and she is right...I haven't. Lately I have been dreading the computer. I really have nothing exciting to blog about. My life is boring. Its good but boring. so here is some randomness I am throwing at you!

The snow in my front yard is up to my boobies...yes I am short.

I got a new oust air freshener that smells like burnt plastic. (no not a favorite smell for me either)

My car ran out of windshield washer fluid. I bought a new gallon of it. It is still sitting on the floorboards waiting for instruction.

I got the new Kit and Kaboodle kit in the mail and i am DYING to use it!!

Chris's Green and Gold (or is it blue) banquet is tomorrow night for scouts.

I am eating pizza with family after work today.

My aunt is in the hospital ( she is fine )

I have a circle journal at home I still need to do.

I watched a fascinating show on discovery channel with Chris about an ice hotel in Sweden....

I am off to lunch!

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  1. Well then, I am glad that although you are bored to your boobies... you are fine! LOL :O) Sounds about like my life right now, a lot of random goofy things but nothing imparative to share... those are good days imo!
    (ps I am still holding on, barely!)