Thursday, September 15, 2005


Last night before heading home after work I took the boys to the public library...I wanted photography books. I am amazed at how well they behaved! For the first time Taylor sat at the tables and read books while I helped Chris get books off his elevated reader list. So quiet and good they were! I thought perhaps they had changed bodies with someone else kids while they were in the bathroom. Chris started reading one of his books as soon as he got in the car. Didn't stop but for dinner. Even took it to bed! Finished the chapter book in one night! 114 pages. He is starting to take after me! Taylor got a book about an old man who lived across from a field. He loved the field so when it went up for sale he sold everything he owned to buy this field. Good book wonderful illustrations. MOM - your going to love this! Guess what other book Taylor picked out? STEAM SHOVELS!! Remember?? The book that "Romona Quimby" could not live without! The one they checked out at the library EVERY time till she colored in it and Bezzus had to buy it? yah THAT one!

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