Thursday, May 1, 2008

New playlist

So this play list is brought to you by the 80's. have a listen and then tell me which song YOU think I danced to in a talent show in the fourth grade? The first person to post the right guess gets a fun envie full of scrapbook goodies!!


  1. Ok, so I'm going to say Uptown girls or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I know that thats 2, but hey we all danced to these two songs. I LOVE THE 80's!!!
    Glad to see that you post, its inspiration to post on my own.

  2. well since Bonnie guessed some good ones - I am gonna guess VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR.
    You better say I am right, or we are SOOOOO breaking up!!!

  3. I'm bummed...your music always comes up, but today it won't play. How can I guess?
    By the way...I loved the senior pics you took of Ashley.