Friday, May 2, 2008

And the winner isssssss ............. drumroll please!!!

Ok, so I'm going to say Uptown girls or Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I know that thats 2, but hey we all danced to these two songs. I LOVE THE 80's!!! Glad to see that you post, its inspiration to post on my own. Bonnie

  • Commenter name: Bonnie

I sadly danced my heart out to Girls just wanna have was horrible. A friend of mine did a skit to jeramiah was a bull frog and it freaking ROCKED! She one.

On a side note I DID dance to footloose everyday in the fourth grade. My teacher...who I think was a Hamer Idaho no less....used to turn on that vynal for us and we would rock out before we started school!! lol...she wore cowboy boots...