Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sharing our christmas

My Christmas actually dragged out longer than most!! Christmas eve I went to LaRee's house and played all day long!! We had so much fun playing games, eating and watching the young ens run around!I didn't get home till after midnight! Christmas morning I slept till 9:30!! I have NEVER slept that late on Christmas day!! It felt GREAT! Then I headed up to my Aunt D's house! Had a yummy meal with family then we played games for the afternoon. Headed home about 4 and enjoyed some peace and quiet till the Dr Who Christmas Special came on BBC America! LOVED watching that!

Yesterday the boys came home from their dad's and we got to have OUR family Christmas!!! We opened presents had a wonderful ham dinner and played with our new toys till way to late at night! Here are some photos of our Christmas season!

This is Chris with his new fedora! He loves them and was so happy to get it!!

This is my tree snow globe. This actually has a VERY long history behind it. When I was young (really young), I got a snow globe like this for Christmas. This kid I knew BROKE it on my bathroom floor and I was crushed! I got another one I think the next year and that one broke as well. A few years ago. I saw this snow globe at bath and body works and nearly BAWLED when my boys gave it to me for Christmas! It never gets put away with the Christmas decorations. It stays in my cabinet all year round!

This is our tree this year. We are moving in a few weeks and I really didn't want to put out all our decorations and just have to pack them again so we did a small tree with just a few decorations. Easy to put up AND take down!

Sparky got a new ball and a bone!

This is my aunt and my cousin Kendra!! Love them so much!

Chris and his new hat again!

This is my favorite. This is bugs face at the moment he saw his new bike from Santa! Huge hit and he was so surprised!!!!

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  1. Awesome. Love the photos and I'll bet you were soooo glad to get the boys back home and have fun with them. We sure enjoyed having them on Christmas Eve. I loved the fact that Taylor played the violin for us. They were sooo cute. And they were helpful. They helped put out chairs and tables and they helped with clean up and everything. It was great having them. They did NOT give me a disk though...did you send it?