Wednesday, May 19, 2010

amazing what one day can do for you

Saturday was such a fun day. We took my 91 year old grandmother to brunch and after we had dropped her off at home we decided it was too nice a day to go home and do boring old stuff....ssooooo we headed to driggs and jackson hole! It was such a beautiful day. The Tetons were magnificent with the snow and the valleys all out in bloom! We spent several hours in Jackson. We shopped and laughed and bought mood rings, ate pizza, watched people on horses and loved each other. On the way home we stopped and got square ice cream at a gas station in Swan Valley. We didn't take a camera but we did get a few shots on my phone.

Jackson drive

 I did remember to pick up a post card in Jackson for the memory though. My boys just laughed and talked and giggled all the way home! No fighting or crying or whining. AMAZING day. We came home just in time for a bath and stories before bedtime and then we all crashed!! Who would have thought that a spontaneous day trip with no major plans would turn out so wonderful!?


  1. Wow...I love it. You didn't take a camera????I'm amazed. Even brunch with Grandma would have been occasion for a photo session...course, I know how the boys hate posing for photos...Thanks for the update.
    Guess what? They cancelled the Eagles concert this week and have rescheduled for the 30th...when we're going to be on vacation. Want to buy a couple of tickets?

  2. Do you remember just such a trip you and i and Leni took to J.H.? That's where the little hand-wound music box in the tiny cardboard box came from.