Thursday, April 1, 2010

He IS my family

SparkyTuesday evening I came home from work and found that my front walk was covered in dog poop. Now MY DOG DOES NOT DO THAT. Then I noticed that my dog was not in the yard. He ALWAYS comes to greet me when I get out of the car. I unlock the front door and head to the laundry room where he would be if he was coming in out of the rain. ( i have  a dog door and a dog gate) He was there laying in blood, completely muddy and shivering. I got some old towels and tried to dry him off and figure out where he was hurt. I thought maybe he had ripped out a nail or something. Oh no, no nail. NASH MARKS ALLLL down his left hind leg. Some dog got into MY FENCED yard and attacked him. I tried to determine where he was hurt and see if it was just the leg. He was hurt all over. I ran him to the vet ( love my vet) and they shaved him and checked him out. He had bite marks and gashes on the back leg and between his abdomen and that leg and also a huge gash on his chest that required staples. The vet gave him shots of antibiotic and pain killers and told me how to care for his wounds. Said there were none that were life threatening but said he would be in MAJOR pain for about a week. He is on TWO pain killers and antibiotics for 7 days. I have to take him back in two weeks to check the wounds and take out his stitches. He has to stay in to keep his wounds clean and to give him rest. He isn't so unhappy about that. He wont even go outside unless I go first. He is just too scared. Tuesday night was tough. He had a rough first of the night and I finally got him to go out to use the restroom about 2 in the morning. We finally slept after that. Wednesday morning I called animal control and they sent out an officer. He said that there was already report and they HAD the dogs already impounded. Some nice lady was taking a walk on my street and saw TWO bulls (not sure what kind but I can guess) attacking my dog. She saw them BASH their way through my metal gate to get to him. The officer who came out was the one who came out at he time of the attack and had checked in on my dog through my dog door. He had told the owner of the dog that she needed to come talk to me and was sorry she hadn't. He had fixed my gate and made sure it was closed tight before he left. He said he was sorry that he did not leave some notification of what had occurred. (that would have been nice) He gave me the owners name and address. He also went to speak with her and to notify her that she would be responsible for any vet bills. I sent her a certified letter today with a copy of the vet bill, telling her I expected payment for that bill and any follow up charges that may occur. I am so angry. Sparky is like one of my kids. He means so much to us, and is SUCH a good dog. I am so angry that this happened to him and that now he doesn't even feel safe in his own yard. I am angry that this woman has had MULTIPLE complaints on her dogs and that until now one has been able to take them away. What if it had been one of my kids? I shudder to think about it. I don't' know if I will ever get any money from her but at least I know her dogs are not on the loose anymore!!! 

He is feeling MUCH better today and even a little frisky at the mention of treats! I went home to let him out at lunch and he seemed to be doing VERY well. Sorry Sparky, I couldn't protect you!


  1. I just do NOT understand people that claim pit bulls are good dogs...come on! I am soooo sorry, hope Sparky is okay. I'll bet the boys were upset...if you even called them. Maybe better to wait.

  2. I am so sorry this happened to Sparky! UGH! Why can't people control their animals! Hope Sparky is doing better now and back to his Sparky self. As for those other dogs, I hope they are gone for good.