Friday, July 3, 2009

Even grown ups need toys

For a while now my home computer has just not been cutting it. Its old and feeble and completely ready to crash. I had decided get a new computer with my tax refund but life got in the way and a new computer was pushed to the back of my mind. Until Thursday. I got my new Dell studio xps. Love it. Didn't know if I would like a lop top as much as a desktop but I do!!

We still have our old one and it will be used mainly for the boys, and games. It will get cleaned up and defragged and whatever in order to work just a bit better.

I am loving the mobility of having my laptop though! I was surfing in bed this morning! What fun! I know i HAVE made the right choice in getting my new toy. The boys are not aloud to touch it and that's nice too!

This weekend is about family. Tomorrow is a 4th bbq and Sunday is a bbq for my uncles party. So much for keeping up on my food decisions this weekend. I am however using ground Turkey for my burger. and lots of fresh greens for a salad.

We have fireworks and a hose at the ready for explosive fun. We are avoiding the parade and watching our local fire works from our back yard. Lucky we live so close. The traffic involved in our towns fireworks is unbelievable. You almost have to find a parking spot the day before just to get one. It takes hours to leave and its just not worth it. We can see most of it just fine and still have just as much fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th and enjoy the family you are with!


  1. SO FUN!!!!!!!!! I love my laptop also. And I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN about the stupid fireworks, it is AWESOME, but NOT WORTH ALL THE hassle! See ya, miss ya!

  2. We were headed to Driggs this morning...but you in the way. Our Ford truck started acting up and we turned around to change vechiles. Then we got a call from a contractor and had to run into work. So much for a drive today. Hope you guys have a great 4th of July.

  3. Thats awesome that you got your self a new toy. Momma has to have something special too every once in a while. Kelly bought me mine for my b-day. And I haven't missed my desktop at all. We don't go to the fire works by the river either, we just hang out with family and it's a TON better!