Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cool shades at the Mall

It was so incredibly hot today (102) and we were so unprepared so as we walked an outdoor mall I decided to get my boys so incredibly sexy shades! Are they not adorable. Chris wears glasses and really needs them to see we were happy we found the clip on kind. Don't tell them how dorky they are k? I just want his eyes protected. I really like this photo! Everyone cooperated. Even my mother! Thanks mom!

Glasses web 

I wasn't in the picture because I didn't buy and sunglasses. I have transition lenses and didn't need them. Are they not cute though! Can you tell they were about to pass out from heat? lol...


  1. Looks like OOOOOOOOODLES of fun! I looked at new shades today too (my big JackieO's are pretty sad on me) but didn't find the right match .... so. Anyway, looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves, miss you! HAVE FUN!

  2. Looks way cool! Wish I had such fantastic shades...It was a HOT weekend wasn't it? We went 4-wheeling and took the Jones's and thought we'd all cook from the shade trees whatsoever.