Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I don't want to forget about my dad

When I had horrible stomach problems with my second pregnancy all I could eat and craved was cottage cheese with peaches. Every week or so he would head to sams club and buy me a bucket of low fat cottage cheese and a pack of individual peaches packs for me to eat. He would let me sleep in his big comfy chair with his office door closed and handle calls while I rested during that pregnancy.

He would pick up my kids from school everyday. He would take my youngest (who got out first) home to help with his homework. He would also take him to his favorite hardware store and let him drool over the power tools.

He would by me a bday cake of my choice on my birthday. He surprised me last year by taking me to a restaurant for pie and had my whole family there to surprise me. That was the first time since my GRANDFATHER died that I had my bday with my whole family. My grandfather's bday was only 2 days before mine and we always celebrated together. Since he died i guess no one felt like celebrating it. lol. My dad actually outlived his father by 2 years. I think that was a goal he had.

He used to let me play house and tent in his bedroom. One year I put a bag of cheese curds in his bottom drawer dresser drawer, pretending that it was a fridge and forgot they were there. It was smelly and gross and he never got mad.

Saturday mornings i would wake up early to watch bugs bunny. My dad would get up with me and sit me on his stomach and slept while I watched. I secretly think he liked to watch "bugs" even when it wasn't his weekend.

He used to take us camping all the time. Even when i was a kid we camped.

His smile was amazing. It could make you feel all happy inside and you forgot all your troubles.

He used to say we are off like a turd of hurdles.

He let me listen to any station I wanted to when we went on road trips. Mostly our road trips took us camping lol

He loved my kids. Really truly loved them. I think he LOVED the fact that they called him Papa and not just grandpa. I think it made the relationship more special. When Chris was young he had a favorite book that he wanted read to him constantly. After awhile no one would it to him because we were all so tired of it. Not my dad. He would it to him as much as Chris wanted.

He drove all the way to nebraska to pick me up and move me back home to work for him. Best thing he ever did for me. Well one of the best.

I think we only had words twice in our entire lives. i can remember them so vividly . SO thankful those were the ONLY two times.

He was more than my dad. He was an awesome friend. I miss him so much.


  1. How touching! I can only wish that my kids have some special memories and fond thoughts for me someday. How special that you had a close relationship with your Dad. I didn't know him very well, but what I did know...he was one of a kind. Loving tribute! Thanks for sharing that.

  2. You can't forget that he used to make us hold our breath as we went over bridges so monsters or something couldn't come up and get us.
    Can't forget all the tents we made in the front room of the apartment on 14th St. How fun was it to wake up and it all collapsed!
    Was he the one who bought you your first "boom box"?
    I will never forget how he always asked me if it was raining out here...without fail each time he answered your work phone that was one of his first questions...and then he gave a hardy Gary Hoyt laugh. I miss him too!

  3. Sweetheart, you won't forget, ever. And as you get older, you will remember more and more and he will feel so close to you, almost touchable close. I promise.

  4. Your post and comments made me cry. What a great man he must have been! Hugs to you!

  5. It truly truly is the small things that matter the most - and my dad used to say we were off like a turd of hurdles too!!!!!! :O) Good thing we have long, strong, memories egh? XOXOX