Friday, April 4, 2008

If spring dosn't come soon I think i will have to hibertnate.

I can feel it. Its just right there. Almost ready to burst. I still can't believe Easter is gone, its almost bugs bday and I still have SNOW in my yard. Oh and mud. LOTS of mud, wet sticky mucky mud. And sooo much to do. I need to rake up the dog poop (yeah I know TMI) clean up the kids left over toys that got 'trapped' under snow and get it raked out and planted!! I can't even walk through it yet without loosing a shoe. I need to fix fences, sidewalks, make flowerbeds plant trees, etc.

I have an overwhelming urge to scrap right now. Little mini books. I have no idea what filled with but want to do them non the less.

I am cleaning my son's room tomorrow...maybe i should say gutting. We need to purge and organize. He has trouble doing this himself. We are also going to clean out the car. I am hoping we can clean the car despite the weather man saying there is SNOW coming....(really refraining from a swear word here). Sunday we are invited to a friends house for dinner and then a quick family shoot with all their kids and new babies. Should be fun. Hoping to kick some butt on Rock Band while we are there! lOL....

Retreat info has been updated on the retreat blog! Take a look!


  1. Sorry to hear you still have snow...Hawaii has been in the 80's and sunny all week:)

  2. Boo...Hawaii. I'm soooo jealous. I'm with you that there should NOT be snow in April...even in Idaho. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.